A school comes into being


A day at Phugmoche School


At the Beginning - table of contents 





Pictures of Phugmoche

(1992 to 2000)




Table of Contents 

Junbesi – the main village of Solu, of the southern and most ancient area of Sherpa settlement.

Junbesi is the centre of Sherpa culture.


Our students with their teachers

One of the two original school buildings on the inauguration day
(May 1992)

Two boys doing their homework

Lunch time: Ang Gyalbu, the Tibetan teacher, serving rice

Two young thangka painters



Service in the Gonpa,
the chapel of our monastery

The new school house
in March1998




plastered and painted: the school house
in October 2000







Our new kitchen in May 1999




Our kitchen in October 2000:
two shower houses, sponsored by the local Village Development Committee, were added


This is our kitchen from inside,
we still use fire for cooking




Lessons given at Phugmoche School:

Nepali or Tibetan, general or religious education









Our volunteers teach English conversation:




Analena(March 2000) and
Franziska (April to June 1999)
from Germany






Peggy (September to November 1998)
from Canada



Six little girls: Phurba, Doma and Dolkar, Nyima, Chyoti und Lhakpa

These two modest brothers are Tulku, reincarnated Lamas. They are about six and nine years old (1997). In the Gonpa, our chapel, they sit on a raised seat of honour. Otherwise, they fit imperceptibly into day-to-day school life.


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